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SASIP at EGU and Latest news!

Prof. Sebastian Reich presents his work on Particle-Based Algorithms for Stochastic Optimal Control

Latest news from SASIP! Opening of FloeDyn and many other exciting news

Romain has recently joined our team to work on sea-ice physical parameterizations and Climate Implications. Welcome aboard !

Francesca Vittorioso presents her work on the Contribution of the assimilation of MTG/IRS radiances for the characterisation of the atmospheric chemical composition over Europe

Latest news from SASIP!

Francesca has recently joined our team to work on Data Assimilation. On the occasion of her upcoming webinar, she accepted to share some of her personnal history and scientific background.

SASIP first newsletter is out!

Numerical simulation of the marginal ice zone, produced with "FloeDyn" sea ice discrete element model.

A surrogate model of neXtSIM sea-ice thickness by C. Durand, T. Finn, A. Farchi, M. Bocquet, E. Òlason @ CEREA, École des Ponts.